martedì 20 marzo 2012

blessing my space of cut

P.O.M_ME, rubrica di poesia in musica
a cura di Alessandra Trevisan

queste parole s'intrecciano non a musica mia, ma a quella di una band di Venezia che stimo molto, i Margareth. Trovate il pezzo All right (da Fractals, Macaco Records 2012) in corsivo; lo intreccio ad una poesia in inglese. La lettura e il brano sono qui sotto. Buon ascolto!

I'm exploring the inner of myself in doing, feeling and tasting;
two bodies, two shapes are more willing than one.

They're both contextualizing in the World
repeating the false representation of
love, not loving first
crushing and compressing
in a complementary statue.

My heart was dying when I asked for help/ Blood pushed my skin as I took a rest/ I'm not going any farther than this

But there's no distance
no distance anymore:
the one I had inside is evaporated with
my breath, it lives in our mouths,
huts for words, spit, life.

No saints are coming to save me/ just a sparkle from my brain/ It will be alright if it will be for you

No saints, no saviors.
We can identify ourselves
only reading into ourselves.
A different vision of truth
the one which I prefer
the one on the route of reality.


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